Blurring the lines between a wide range of influences, Pollen is going for a distinctive and open-minded feel. From the depth and energy of progressive rock, down to the melodic edge of alt-metal, there are no rules. The three members developed a strong chemistry, and created a formula that is sophisticated and technical in nature, yet instinctive and viscerally engaging.

Their first release is a perfect example of the band’s attitude and charismatic approach to songwriting and performance, going for an immediate and earthy sound that favors the storytelling of their music. Each track will take you on a different journey through unexpected ambiances, colorful landscapes and heavy riffs.

If you are a fan of artists such as Vildhjarta, Plini, Owane, Arch Echo, Animals as Leaders, this one is definitely going to be right up your alley.


I. Symbiosis
II. Fleur
III. Crevasse
IV. Oak

Release: 10.02.2021
Mix/Master: Simon Grove


I. Cordyceps

Release: 31.07.2021
Mix/Master: Adam Bentley

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